'VALEO' (2023)

by Stiles Be

Acrylic and enamel on canvas

205 x 255MM

"Valeo" by Stiles Be is a simple, yet mesmerizing abstract portrait that delves into the depths of human emotion, inviting viewers to explore the enigmatic nature of the self. The elongated face, adorned with exaggerated features, long dark hair, and three eyes, becomes a captivating focal point that exudes a sense of ambivalence and introspection. Set against a stark orange background, the portrait emerges in pinkish flesh tones, evoking a delicate yet powerful symbolism.

At the heart of "Valeo" lies the ambiguity of human existence. The exaggerated features of the face symbolize the masks we wear, hinting at the layers of personas and identities we present to the world. The elongated face represents the elongation of time, reminding us of the transient nature of life and the complexities of our emotional journeys.

The three eyes, a prominent element in the portrait, hold profound symbolism. Each eye represents a unique perspective—past, present, and future. They mirror the artist's introspective exploration, inviting viewers to reflect on their own personal growth and the evolving nature of their emotions. The triad of eyes also alludes to the inherent multiplicity of our experiences and perceptions.

The pinkish flesh tones, carefully chosen by the artist, convey vulnerability and authenticity. They emphasize the raw essence of the individual portrayed, while also capturing the universal aspects of human emotion. The contrast between the soft pink hues and the bold orange background creates a visual tension, symbolizing the interplay between vulnerability and strength, passion and contemplation.

The vibrant orange background holds its own significance within "Valeo." It represents energy, enthusiasm, and the passionate pursuit of self-discovery. It serves as a powerful backdrop, highlighting the figure's transcendence beyond societal norms and conventional expectations. The juxtaposition of the figure against this vivid background calls attention to the subject's fearless exploration of their own complexities.

"Valeo" beckons viewers to embrace the enigmatic nature of human emotion and the profound layers of identity. Through this captivating abstract portrait, Stiles Be encourages introspection, inviting viewers to navigate their own inner landscapes. It serves as a visual catalyst for contemplating the intricate beauty and multifaceted essence of the human spirit.