STILES BE aka Simon K Burt is an abstract expressionist artist based in Kaurna, South Australia.

His quest for constant evolution as a creative has seen him work in Graffiti, Tattoo art, Fashion Design and Graphic Design/ Illustration.

He has arrived at his current incarnation by celebrating  all he has learnt and appreciated through these different fields and deconstructing it to a more honest and pure free form of expression, allowing the artist to participate in the creation as both the producer and a viewer. 

Working primarily on canvas, Stiles Be also makes street art for the public, as his days a graffiti artist showed just how effective and important art is to communities. 

He also works to blend fashion and art, having run a streetwear brand 'Materialism' from 2000 - 2020. Stiles has been recently been working in cut and sew, and hand embroidery (all self taught) making one-of-one garments from found materials and embellished uniquely.

Life for Stiles is exploration of all that is around and within him, how he responds to it and how it responds to him. Join him on this journey and find new ways of looking and interacting with art.


ERB'N'FLO [Exhibition], ADELAIDE, SA. 2022

'ACTUALITY' Solo exhibition of abstract expressionist work from Stiles Be 'Grey Era'.

STATION PLACE [Art Installation] 2022

Exterior large scale mural created through the support of the City of Charles Sturt.


Exterior large scale mural created through the City of Adelaide Public Art funding.

Interior large scale mural commissioned by the court.

PILGRIM CENTRE  [Art Installation] 2020

Exterior large scale mural created through the City of Adelaide Public Art funding.

GRAY COURT, ADELAIDE, SA. [Art Installation] 2019

Exterior large scale mural created through the City of Adelaide Public Art funding.

SQUAREHOLES [Art Installation] 2019

Exterior large scale mural created through the City of Adelaide Public Art funding.


Privately commissioned large scale exterior mural

JPE DESIGN ARCHITECTS [Resident Artist] 2016

Artwork created for their ‘Thinking Minds’ annual luncheon, a solo 

exhibition in the offices and collaboration on ideas form 

incorporating graffiti design into architectural concepts


collaboration on a series of hand painted T shirts with rapper/designer A$AP FERG

SUGAR NIGHTCLUB  [Resident Artist]1999 – 2015

Feature artist:

Four independent exhibitions and five group shows

Murals on several walls inside the establishment and one on the  


FOOTLOCKER / PUMA QLD [Art Installation / Live Art] 2015

Live art demonstration launching the 2016 range of Puma to  

Footlocker executives

ADELAIDE FILM FESTIVAL [Art Installation] 2015

‘Spear’ Painted Mural response 

-TROPCORP [Resident Artist] 2010 -2014 

Murals on several walls inside and exterior of the establishment 

ADELAIDE FILM FESTIVAL [Art Installation] 2013

‘All This Mayhem’ Documentary' Painted Mural response  

ROYAL VISIT PLAYFORD SA [Art Installation]  2013

Aerosol Art demonstration / workshop with young artists as part of 

the Royal Australian Tour. Taught Prince William and Princess 

Catherine how to use the spray can and had them participate in the 

mural. My comments quoted over 30,000 times in international 

social and mainstream media 

OI YOU @ FESTIVAL CENTRE [Art Installation / Exhibitor] 2013

Installation piece inside Adelaide Festival Centre as part of the  

exhibition of The Shaw’s collection of BANKSY and other key 

 figures of the street art world. 

THE GALLERY /CIBO [Art Installation] 2012

Waymouth St ADL SA AU

Radelaide Mural Artist of the which has since been sanctified by the Adelaide City Council

TRADESHALL LANE [Art Installation] 2012

(Tradeshall Lane Adelaide SA)


Mural painted on site as part of the Cold Krush festival at Longview  

winery, piece is still on display in their salesroom

RED BULL WRECKERS YARD [State Champion] 2011

Elimination based Aerosol Art Freestyle Competition of SA

most recognized artists. Went on to compete for Australian titles (4th 


NIKE Adelaide [Art Installation] 2010

Painted live wall of the opening night which was installed into the  


AVALON GALLERY  [Resident Artist] 2007 -2008

Hindley St ADL SA AU

THIS IS NOT ART FESTIVAL  [Resident Artist} 2003

Newcastle NSW AU

Feature Mural on major public wall painted over 7 days (Panthers Clubrooms) with  

selected aerosol artists representing each state of Australia as part  

of the Renew program


TS GALLERY [Owner / Operator]  2011 -2013

.Currie St ADL SA 

Graffiti based gallery for the legendary art crew ToySoldiers holding  exhibitions monthly

5000 GALLERY [Owner / Operator] 2009 - 2011

 Waymouth St Adelaide SA)Owner / Operator  Dedicated to street art featuring studios and a retail space. 


BA Visual Communication - University of South Australia (graduated 1999).