23.07.23 The evolution of 'Storre' to 'Stiles Be'

My artistic journey from graffiti artist, 'Storre,' to the abstract expressionist 'Stiles Be' has been nothing short of remarkable. As I look back on the path I've travelled, I realize that my transformation was not only about artistic growth but also about finding a deeper connection with my audience. Let me take you through the intricate details of this evolution, from the early days of vibrant street art to the profound exploration of open-ended narratives and ethereal aesthetics.


As 'Storre' in 1999, the city streets were my playground, and graffiti was my way of expressing myself to the world. My art was bold, attention-grabbing, and ego driven. I revelled in the adrenaline rush of leaving my mark on the urban landscape, painting captivating characters and lettering that demanded attention and elicited reactions from passers-by. Back then, it was about making a statement, drawing people's eyes, and gaining recognition.


However, as the world evolved into a visually saturated, image-driven society, I began to question the purpose of my art. The relentless barrage of messages on social media made me realize that I wanted my work to stand apart, to offer something more profound than a mere spectacle. I yearned to create art that allowed viewers to experience it on a personal level, to find their own meanings and emotions within the canvas.


Embracing the noun de plume 'Stiles Be,' I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration. I stepped away from forcing narratives onto my art and instead allowed it to breathe, to take on a life of its own. The idea of open-ended narratives fascinated me - the notion that each stroke, each shape, could become a vessel for countless interpretations.


In a world of fleeting attention spans, I focused on creating aesthetics that invited contemplation and rewarded deeper engagement. The canvas became a realm of possibilities, where viewers could lose themselves in the intricacies of the artwork, wandering through a maze of shapes and colours that triggered curiosity and introspection.


As 'Stiles Be,' my art evolved into an invitation, a space for viewers to explore and find their own stories within the abstract forms. I found solace in knowing that my work had become a curious place in people's minds, where they could wander and wonder freely, uninfluenced by any preconceived notions.


It was liberating to let go of my ego and embrace the connection between my art and its audience. No longer was it about seeking validation or attention; it was about the beauty of shared experiences and emotions. Witnessing the diverse reactions from viewers, I realized that art had the power to transcend the individual and become a collective experience, touching the souls of those who encountered it.


Through this transformation, I unlocked the magic of open-ended narratives, allowing my art to hold multiple meanings, just like a kaleidoscope of interpretations that mirrored the unique perspectives of each viewer. It was no longer about dictating what my art meant; it was about fostering a dialogue, sparking curiosity, and encouraging introspection.


As I continue on this artistic journey, I find joy in the profound connection I've cultivated with my audience. From graffiti to ethereal art, I've learned that true magic happens when we relinquish control and let our creations speak directly to the hearts and minds of others. My quest now is to create art that not only captivates the eye but also ignites the imagination, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter it.

17.04.23 'Rhapsody in Orange'

'Rhapsody in Orange' (2023)

By Stiles Be

Acrylic x aerosol on concrete

Commissioned by @arthur_artbar

Supported by @cityofadelaide

As an artist, there's nothing quite like the feeling of being commissioned to create a new piece of work. That's why I was thrilled when I was approached by @arthur_artbar and given the opportunity to create a piece called 'Rhapsody in Orange' (2023). With the support of City of Adelaide, I was able to bring my vision to life and create something truly special.

What drew me to this particular project was the building itself. Ever since I was a teenager, I've been captivated by the architecture of this particular building. Its Art Deco style has always struck me as the most beautiful, and I've always dreamed of having the opportunity to create something that would complement and enhance its existing beauty.

When it came time to start work on the project, I knew that I wanted to create something that would capture the essence of the Art Deco era while also staying true to my own style. I wanted the piece to have a sense of pop and excitement, but also a ruggedness that would provide a stark contrast to the clean lines of the architecture. I also wanted to capture the patina that the building had developed over time, and to create something that would be a testament to the history and character of the location.

To achieve this, I decided to work intuitively. Rather than having a pre-planned design in mind, I allowed the flow of the artist and the energy of the location to guide me. I started by working with acrylics and aerosol on the concrete surface of the building, layering colors and textures until I had achieved the effect I was after. The process was challenging but deeply rewarding, and I'm proud of the end result.

One of the things that I love most about this project is that it's allowed me to become a part of the building's history. By creating a piece that's so deeply intertwined with the architecture and the location, I've been able to make a lasting contribution to my hometown. I'm grateful to Cass from Arthur Art Bar for giving me the opportunity to work on this project, and to The Local Paintshop x Daklinic for providing the materials that made it all possible. And, of course, I'm deeply grateful to the City of Adelaide for their ongoing support of the arts. Without their help and investment, projects like this simply wouldn't be possible.

24.02.23 'Astral Expressionism'

Astral Expressionism: The Convergence of Hip Hop, Improvised Art, and Live Remix

Art and music are two creative expressions that have been inseparable since the dawn of civilization. The fusion of these two forms has produced some of the most iconic and memorable moments in popular culture. The Astral Expressionism event was one such meeting of creative minds that brought together the world of abstract expressionism and live remix in a stunning showcase of improvisation and collaboration.

At the heart of this unique performance were two artists who have made their mark in their respective fields - Stiles Be and Inkswel. Stiles Be, an abstract expressionist visual artist, brought his raw, unbridled energy to the canvas, creating an impulsive burst of colors and shapes that captured the imagination of the audience. Inkswel, a world-renowned music producer and DJ, provided the live remix soundtrack, blending past work with new creations, and responding to the nuances of Stiles Be's painting with his beats.

Together, Stiles Be and Inkswel created an enthralling experience that transcended the boundaries of traditional art forms. Stiles Be painted a hundred record covers while Inkswel recorded a live remix album, following the brush strokes and nuances of Stiles Be's free-form painting. The result was a unique and mesmerizing performance that left the audience spellbound.

But Astral Expressionism wasn't just a one-time event; it was an opportunity for fans to own a piece of this groundbreaking collaboration. All ticket holders gained ownership of a limited edition vinyl release that included a hand-numbered original portion of Stiles Be's artwork as the cover, along with the audio recording of Inkswel's live remixes.

And for those who wanted to indulge their taste buds while enjoying the show, there was a catered option provided by Pony and Cole, who offered a 'Burger Box' consisting of a delicious handmade burger and chips, with beef, chicken, and vegan options available. The event also had a bar where drinks were available for purchase.

The performance was a resounding success, with attendees raving about the vibe and energy of the show. The fusion of live art and music created an immersive experience that was nothing short of breathtaking. The vinyl release promises to be a collector's item that captures the essence of this incredible performance, and we can't wait for it to be pressed and distributed.

Astral Expressionism was a testament to the power of collaboration and improvisation, and we thank everyone involved for making this event a reality. We look forward to more such events that push the boundaries of traditional art forms and inspire creative expression in all its forms.

Special Thanks to the following:


Pony & Cole

The City of Charles Sturt 

Zenith Records

Inner Tribe

DJ Black Betty