Stiles Be aka Simon K Burt (b.1977)

"I am constantly observing and reinterpreting all that is in and around me as a means to communicate with others and navigate this reality. My true obsession is textures and mark making,  as these create truely unique and individual visuals through the movement and energy of the artist".

Stiles Be trained in visual arts and visual communication. Since completing his studies, he was worked as a graffiti artist in public spaces, as a facilitator of art and mental wellbeing workshops in schools and community settings, and as a visual artist.


Stiles is an interdisciplinary artist working across painting, works on paper and repurposed textiles. His practice draws on his background in street art, music, fashion, and graphic design, steeped in the dynamic expression of style attendant in the exchange, practices, beliefs and values of inhabiting urban spaces.


Working primarily on canvas, his recent compositions have been abstract explorations of the relationship between the unconscious and neuroscience in monochromatic and tonally muted colours.


Variously scaled compositions in a range of materials – including acrylic and aerosol paint, both dabbed and sprayed – invoke the fluidity and shifting planes of internal worlds and the grit and cool tonal palette of urban life.


Stiles Be  lives in Tarntanyangga-Adelaide.