by Stiles Be

Acrylic and enamel on canvas

300 x 300 MM

"Still Life (Causes)," a captivating small-scale abstract/cubist painting by the artist Stiles Be, presents a thought-provoking interpretation of a seemingly mundane subject—a packet of Lucky Strike cigarettes. Executed primarily in black and white with hints of tan, the artwork exudes an air of mystery and contemplation. Through the ingenious use of rough textures and subtle tonal blends, Stiles Be elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the essence of existence.

The central focus of the painting is the packet of Lucky Strike cigarettes, rendered in a style that combines elements of both abstract and cubism. The cubist approach allows Stiles Be to depict multiple perspectives of the subject simultaneously, capturing the various facets and layers of meaning within the seemingly simple object. The fragmented and overlapping lines and shapes create a dynamic visual experience, challenging viewers to engage with the artwork actively.

The predominantly black and white palette lends a sense of timelessness and universality to the painting. It signifies the eternal struggle between opposing forces, perhaps symbolizing the dualities present in life—the light and dark, joy and sorrow, hope and despair. Amidst this stark contrast, the subtle introduction of cream and tan hues serves as a metaphor for the delicate balance between these conflicting elements, hinting at the potential for harmony within chaos.

The rough texture that permeates the artwork speaks to the complexities and challenges of existence. Life is seldom smooth and straightforward, and Stiles Be masterfully conveys this reality through the tactile quality of the painting. The roughness invites viewers to run their fingers over the canvas, further immersing themselves in the artwork's emotive power.

"Still Life (Causes)" is a poignant reminder that even in the most ordinary and overlooked objects lie profound reflections of the human experience. Stiles Be's skillful fusion of abstract and cubist styles dismantles the conventional perception of a cigarette packet, urging viewers to question the underlying meanings and associations they assign to everyday objects.

The predominantly black and white palette is a nod to the universality of human struggles, where everyone encounters moments of darkness and light in their lives. By employing subtle cream and tan tones, the artist delicately emphasizes the potential for balance and unity amidst these apparent contradictions.

Through the rough texture, the artwork prompts introspection and connection, inviting viewers to explore the complex emotions and diverse journeys that shape our lives. "Still Life (Causes)" urges us to pause and contemplate the underlying reasons that drive us, the subtle influences that guide our choices, and the profound significance of even the simplest aspects of existence.

"Still Life (Causes)" transcends its subject matter to become an exploration of the human condition. Stiles Be's fusion of abstract and cubist techniques, along with the monochromatic palette and rough texture, elevate this small painting into a powerful meditation on the essence of life and the intricate interplay of forces that shape our experiences. As viewers engage with this evocative artwork, they are encouraged to seek deeper connections and meaning within the seemingly mundane aspects of their own lives.