Stiles Be (2021)

Acrylic and aerosol on Canvas

630 x 740 MM

"SOMBRE SIMPSON," a compelling work of abstract expressionism by the talented artist Stiles Be, stands as a profound reflection on the relationship between popular culture and the genuine human emotions that often lie hidden beneath its façade. Executed in acrylic and aerosol on deconstructed canvas, this evocative painting portrays the iconic character Homer Simpson in a state of profound sadness, capturing the complexity of emotions that often remain concealed beneath the mask of popular culture.


Stiles Be's "SOMBRE SIMPSON" presents an intriguing juxtaposition between the cartoon character Homer Simpson, an emblematic symbol of contemporary pop culture, and the raw, emotionally charged aesthetic of abstract expressionism. The canvas itself has been deconstructed, torn, and then reassembled, giving rise to a compelling contrast between smooth sections and rough, textured areas. This technique serves to symbolize the disjointed nature of human emotions and the disarray that can occur when feelings are suppressed or masked.


The sombre expression on Homer Simpson's face serves as the focal point of the painting, capturing the depths of human emotions that often get overlooked in the media's portrayal of characters and personalities. As an animated character representing humour and light-heartedness in mainstream media, Homer Simpson embodies the persona people put on in the face of societal expectations, concealing their true feelings to fit into predefined molds.


Through the use of abstract expressionism, Stiles Be liberates Homer Simpson from the bounds of his cartoon identity, transforming him into a symbol of the emotional struggles faced by real people. The rough textures and torn canvas further emphasize the turbulent nature of emotions that can be buried beneath the surface, unseen and unacknowledged.


"SOMBRE SIMPSON" challenges the viewer to question the impact of popular culture on the perception and understanding of human emotions. In a world increasingly driven by the mass media, where cartoon characters and celebrities often dominate our collective consciousness, we risk neglecting the depth and complexity of real human experiences. By exposing the vulnerability and sadness of a fictional character like Homer Simpson, Stiles Be encourages us to contemplate the masks we wear to conform to societal norms.


The painting invites us to recognize that beneath the smiles, laughter, and bravado, there exists a multitude of emotions yearning to be acknowledged and expressed. It reminds us that popular culture, though entertaining, may inadvertently diminish the significance of authentic human experiences, leading to a society where emotions are suppressed, denied, or forgotten.


In conclusion, "SOMBRE SIMPSON" prompts viewers to peel back the layers of popular culture and confront the true depth of human emotion. Stiles Be's skill-full deconstruction and expressive rendering of Homer Simpson serves as a poignant reminder that behind the masks we wear, real human emotions persist, seeking acknowledgment and understanding. It calls for a re-evaluation of our relationship with popular culture and urges us to embrace and celebrate the authenticity of our emotional selves. ­­