By Stiles Be (2022)

Acrylic and aerosol on canvas

770 X 550 MM

"AIR" is a captivating abstract acrylic painting by the visionary artist Stiles Be. Inspired by the late Virgil Abloh's iconic Jordan x Off-White Air Jordan 4 Retro SP "Sail" sneakers, this artwork is a mesmerizing exploration of recognizable pop culture iconography and the essence of creative design.

The canvas itself is intentionally raw and unevenly wrapped, echoing Virgil Abloh's design process and application. Stiles Be embraces the imperfections and unevenness, capturing the spirit of the sneaker's creation. The canvas becomes a metaphorical representation of the artistic journey, embracing the beauty found within the raw and unrefined.

The focal point of the painting is the deconstructed image of the "Sail" sneakers. Stiles Be skillfully disassembles and reinterprets the iconic footwear, transforming it into fragmented forms and lines. Through abstract elements, the artist captures the essence of the sneakers while infusing the artwork with an air of mystery and intrigue.

Muted and neutral colors dominate the palette of "AIR," mirroring the understated tones of the original sneaker design. Soft shades of ivory, cream, and subtle greys create a serene and timeless aesthetic. These subdued hues contribute to the overall sense of sophistication, aligning with the legacy of both the sneakers and Virgil Abloh's design philosophy.

"AIR" invites viewers to contemplate the power of recognizable pop culture iconography. Stiles Be's deconstruction and reinterpretation of the "Sail" sneakers prompts reflection on the influence of fashion and its impact on collective consciousness. The artwork serves as a visual exploration of how cultural symbols transcend their initial context, becoming potent signifiers of identity and status.

The dynamic composition of the unevenly wrapped canvas brings a sense of movement and spontaneity to "AIR." Fractured lines and abstract shapes converge and diverge, enticing viewers to engage with the artwork on multiple levels. This visual dialogue encourages contemplation of the creative process and the interplay between art, fashion, and cultural symbolism.

"AIR" is a testament to Stiles Be's artistic vision, seamlessly blending abstract expression with recognizable pop culture imagery. Through this captivating artwork, viewers are invited to reflect upon the transformative power of design, the enduring legacy of Virgil Abloh, and the profound influence of fashion as an expressive art form.