Stiles Be, a luminary of the abstract expressionist movement, wields his brush with an undeniable fervor, transmuting canvases into realms where heavy textures and organic forms intertwine in a dance of intuition. His creations serve as portals to the juncture where the subconscious converges with the tangible, a place where thought and action collide in a cacophony of vibrant hues and bold strokes.

Through his art, Stiles embarks on a journey of deconstruction, unraveling the fabric of the figurative world that surrounds him. Each brushstroke becomes a deliberate act of inquiry, probing the boundaries that delineate imagination from reality. His canvases, imbued with a sense of raw energy, invite viewers to contemplate the elusive line that separates the realms of the mind and the tangible universe.

In Stiles' oeuvre, abstraction becomes a language through which he articulates profound existential queries. His work serves as a testament to the boundless depths of human creativity, challenging us to confront the enigmatic interplay between perception and truth. Through his daring exploration of form and texture, Stiles beckons us to ponder the ineffable mysteries of existence and the ever-shifting contours of our shared reality.


I would like to acknowledge this land that I create on which is the traditional land for Kaurna people, and that I respect their spiritual relationships with their country. I would like to acknowledge the Kaurna people as the custodians of the lands and waters of the Adelaide region, on which I live.